Our services

Improving credit management and evaluation of portfolios.
Identification of the best debt collection approach, through the mix of judicial and extrajudicial activities, identification of the highest recovery profile clients, testing of innovative processes. Support of the evaluation of credit portfolios. 

Extrajudicial debt collection.
Collection through phone/mail activities and legal injunctions. Use of proprietary software with workflow automation and automatic selection of the high priority collection file. Our system makes it possible to start  the  judicial procedure (i.e. on non respected recovery plans) without additional activities, timeline and costs.

Judicial debt collection. 
Legal activities (from the Order for Payment until the enforcement proceedings) through the exclusive partnership with a highly skilled law firm using industrialized and automated processes that makes it possible to manage a high volume of cases with limited costs.  Over the whole judicial procedure, our call center of lawyers always tries to reach an agreement by phone with the debtor.

Litigation Management. 
Handling of litigation proceedings on active and/or inactive clients involving lawyers, consumers associations, etc. Resolution of the dispute reducing any legal and reputational risk, starting at the same time a debt collection procedure.